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Introductory course in the southern Indian cooking style
“kerala”means “coconut”. All parts of the fruit are being used in southern Indian cooking: the juice as well as the green nut or the dried ripe nut.
We will learn together how to use all vegetable dishes in the western kitchen.
Exotic spices and vegetables like red and green bananas,yamsroot and drumstick, bittergourd, fresh cilantro and curry leaves are very important.
The introductory course in English is given by Mr Meenakshi Baehner, a fully qualified cook whose specialty is the traditional Indian cooking style.
The german translation and assistance in the ayurvedic use of spices and food will be done by kerstin einhorn-gadyari.

Courses from September till march.

3 day courses (taking 4 hours each), max.10 persons

1st day
introduction in the south Indian kitchen and ayurveda,
preparing of spice masalas, chutneys, pickles and doshas (rice pancakes)

2nd day
preparation of a whole menue consisting of rice and vegetables, special kerala breads like parothas and dedserts.

3rd day
fast, clever and vegetarian: more variations


südindisches Thali

tropische Gemüsevielfalt

Exotische Gewürze

Jackfruit und Cashewnuss